FG Roma Albertelli | Abiti su misura Roma
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The unique style of Italian tailoring

For the ones who live the clothes they wear.

The ones who travel on an emotion.

The ones who see tradition as the future.

The ones who experience the world.

Italian design,
tailor-made shirts,
total look:
FG, all the excellence of Made in Italy
in Rome.

FG stands for Italian quality. It is the product of the excellences of the territory. We carefully select our materials out of the best regional handicraft: from Biella textiles to Marche footwear, from Florentine knitwear to Ferrara leather. Our profound knowledge of the territory allows us to choose the highest qualified artisans and manufacturers, the ones who still represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

Camiceria – Roma – P.I/C.F. 04976871212