Domenico D'Angelo

“ I created FG because I believe in quality.
The quality of our tradition,
of research and innovation.
The quality of our commitment to the customer.
The quality of a life worth living at its fullest.
The same quality our garments are expression of. ”

Domenico D’Angelo, FG founder.

” Dressing is a pleasure “


In our vision, dressing is a way of living and giving life to the clothes you wear. From the tradition of bespoke tailoring to the research in textile innovation, here is the excellence of Italian manufacturing. For a man who lives the city in an elegant yet comfortable and versatile manner, a man who builds his style upon his personality. Tradition, luxury, innovation, care for details. This is the essence of FG: uniqueness.

Camiceria D’angelo. Roma – Italy – Contacts: fgalbertelli@hotmail.it